Puffball Ravioli, Mushrooms, Kale, And Sage Butter

puffball mushroom ravioli with maitake, hygrophorus russula, and hedgehog mushrooms

After an unsuccessful search for a big hen of the woods in my best patch, I was bent on coming back with something, any old thing, since no hunter likes to go home empty handed, and my free time to hunt is pretty limited these days. That something ended up being a little handful of… 

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goat milk sorbet with red currant syrup black walnuts and yarrow

Goat Milk Sorbet With Currants, Yarrow And Black Walnuts

I know a special woman that has trouble digesting cow dairy and gluten. I have a couple sweet tricks up my sleeve, but tossing out two of my favorite standby’s has made things a bit tricky-a good creative exercise. With the increasing skepticism of bovine dairy and gluten, you probably know someone with a dairy… 

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indigo milkcap recipe lactarius indigo recipe

Indigo Milkcaps Preserved In Olio Santo

Delicious blue mushrooms! Sounds like a joke or a drug, right? Indigo milkcaps a.k.a lactarius indigo are pretty cool. They’re one of the only blue foods that you can eat that I know of, with the exception of a couple berries and potatoes. I can still remember the first time I found one, baffled by… 

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parmesean crusted shaggy manes_-2

Parmesan Crusted Shaggy Manes

Imagine the salty, cheesy crust on a grilled cheese sandwich, but wrapped around a shaggy mane mushroom-that’s exactly what this recipe is. The inspiration for it came from two different places. The first part came to me while reading one of David Arora’s books-when he mentions shaggy manes there is a picture of his friend… 

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shaggy mane coprinus comatus lawyers wig-4

The Shaggy Mane Mushroom

The Shaggy’s, aka Coprinus comatus. Sometimes I find people who don’t even like mushrooms know these. They were one of the “fool proof four” that University of Minnesota professor Clyde Christiansen talked about in his 1943 book Common Edible Mushrooms, the others being chicken of the woods, giant puffballs, and morels. I agree shaggy manes… 

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Mangalitsa Pork Chop With Chanterelles And Skyr-3

Mangalitsa Pork Chops With Chanterelle-Skyr Sauce

Here’s a classic way to use chanterelles in a sauce that I should have shared a long time ago. I finally wrote down a recipe for it when my buddy Mike Kempenich asked me to write him something to demo on the Bob Winkelman Show. There weren’t too many guidelines except that the recipe should… 

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Hunt For The Hopniss

This past week I got to hunt something that’s eluded me: the groundnut/hopniss. I read about them for the first time in Sam Thayer’s book the Forager’s Harvest. In the book, Thayer shows a tuber that can be dug when you find clusters of the vines. Compared to hunting something above ground like a mushroom… 

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Peas with porcini, radish snaps and prosciutto_

Peas With Porcini, Proscuitto, And Radish Snaps

This recipe came about after I talked to my friend Jess Flemming, food writer for the St. Paul Pioneer press. Jess and I met last year when she did a piece on the restaurant I was working at. Jess recently dedicated a piece of flesh to pork: she agreed to get a tattoo of the… 

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fresh porcini butter

Fresh Porcini Butter

It’s been a banner year for mushrooms in Minnesota. The cool temperature and rain has made the forests erupt in boletes. I’ve seen enormous Leccinums with stems larger than I have ever come across, two bitter Tylopilus species I have never witnessed, bi-color boletes galore, and it goes without saying, plenty of porcini. I’ve taken… 

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