Lake Namekin

Lake Namekin

Way up in Northern Minnesota, right on the border of Ontario, there is a cabin. There’s no electricity or water, just a cabin and an outhouse, built back when land could still be purchased inside of Voyageurs National Park. It’s owned by my girlfriend and her family, and it’s a summer tradition of theirs to… 

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English Pea and Black Trumpet Cream Soup With Purslane

Black Trumpet-Shell Pea Soup, With Purslane

The black trumpets are out now. After I found the first flush of the year, I remembered some frustration I had working with them a while back. I was playing with a big batch of them, testing out a creamy trumpet soup recipe for a cookout I was making an appearance at. It was going… 

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Fermented ramp sriracha sauce_-2

Fermented Ramp Sriracha

Sriracha. It’s become one of the three cornerstone American condiments alongside ketchup and mustard, and for good reason. It’s spicy, sweet and salty, with a touch of garlic. There’s competitors, but most I’ve tried either lack the body of the real deal, are heavy on the garlic, or have a raw, aggressive garlic taste to… 

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fairy ring mushrooms, marasmius oreades

Fairy Ring Mushrooms / Marasmius Oreades

They’re little brown mushrooms, don’t eat them or you’ll be sorry! Actually, they’re fairy rings (Marasmius oreades) and although they’re small, they’re right up there with the best tasting wild mushrooms I’ve come across. Once you find a little patch or a hole where a stump used to be (where I find most of mine)… 

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Chicken smothered with chicken of the woods, with milkweed shoots

Chicken Smothered With Chicken Of The Woods

Summer mushroom season has started here in Minnesota, and the chicken of the woods / sulphur shelves have started to appear. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again though, you need to find them young, as in as young as possible. If you find some growing and leave them, hoping to come back… 

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Wild Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

What incredible tasting herb needs to be on your to bucket list? Lemon balm. There’s only one problem, I find it’s hard to come across wild, compared to the ubiquitous bergamot and elusive peppermints in the areas I hunt in Minnesota and Wisconsin. I know of only one place where it grows, and it’s pretty… 

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Black truffle honey

Black Truffle Honey

Anyone who knows me will tell you I love food and history. This came about after thinking about truffles, and where they came from. I’d just gotten a shipment of tuber brumale, and I wanted to preserve some of them as quick as possible. In the process I got to thinking about how the first… 

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