Squab With Gooseberries And Chanterelle Wild Rice

Squab with gooseberries and chanterelle wild rice_-3

  It’s definitely summertime, the chanterelles are up, and fruit is starting to come in. Blackcap berries and raspberries have been making fun treats on my morning walks, as well as the occasional wild grape. There are plenty of fruity treats around, but a fun, and relatively obscure one is the gooseberry. Gooseberries are cool… 

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Chanterelle custard with hedgehog mushrooms_-41

Chanterelle Custard, Hedgehog Mushrooms And Chives

Our chanterelles in the Midwest are delicious, in my opinion much more than the variety that I see coming in from the Pacific Northwest. The P.N.W chanterelle I’m familiar with I suspect to be one cantharellus formosus, it turns brown after pickling, where our chanterelles will stay golden, it’s flavor is also less intense, less… 

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white chanterelles roasted with thyme-2

White Chanterelles Roasted With Thyme

When I brought the white chanterelles to the kitchen to play, I wanted to make something that would highlight their identity, something really simple. There are a couple things about them I wanted to showcase: their texture, and aroma. Texture wise Chanterelles have a meaty tooth to them, they’re dense and weighty, and take longer… 

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minnesota white chanterelles

White Chanterelles

This past week I was pumped to get out and grab some chanterelles since the season is about to really take off. One of the places I love to pick at is a well known park in the Twin cities metro. It’s a frequent haunt of St. Paul mushroomers, as well as the black cap… 

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Roasted beet salad with fennel and anise hyssop-5

Roasted Beet Salad With Fennel And Anise Hyssop

  People know I like to cook with foods that are off the beaten path. A couple weeks ago my coworker pulled a bunch of anise hyssop out of his garden and brought it into work. “Can you use this Al?”. I told him it depended on what it was. He came back with a… 

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shrimp with porcini soy cream

Gamberoni Portofino, With Porcini-Soy Cream

  This is a very special recipe to me. At first glance it looks like some shrimp with vegetables and mushrooms.In reality, it’s a snap shot of my formative years as a cook, when I was working under a man from Rome I adored; trying to learn all that I could from him. In the… 

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Dried bolete or russula soy sauce_-3

Dried Bolete Or Russula Soy Sauce

  A while ago I was watching a television program on Netflix where soy sauce was being combined with other ingredients to flavor it. It I remember correctly, dried tomatoes were being steeped in soy, removed, and then a tomato salad was dressed with the tomato flavored soy. I don’t work with soy much, but… 

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porcini king bolete

Return Of The King, Bolete.

It was a day I’ll never forget. I was prepping the line getting ready for service at the restaurant. At about four, I took a break to grab some staff meal I could shovel in my face (you don’t have time to lollygag while eating in a kitchen). While eating, I multi-tasked checking my email… 

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coral mushroom soup with truffle salt cured egg yolk

Coral Mushroom Soup, Milkweed, White Lentils, Truffle Cured Egg

There’s a bit of an intermission in our Midwest  season after the morels come up. From my experience, for a month or so, it’s pretty doubtful you will see alot. With a little rain you could find an early chicken of the woods, or a puffball. Fairy ring mushrooms might also be up, as well… 

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