Turkish Saffron Milkcaps With Cumin Yoghurt


I never dreamed talking to the open air would connect me with mushroom hunters from around the world, but it did. I used to be a little self conscious talking about my hunting “habit”. It’s just that where I live in Minnesota, to the great majority of people the term “wild mushroom” refers to morels,… 

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crispy pork snout with truffles and spruce tips

Crispy Pork Snout, Black Truffle And Spruce Tips

The last time I visited the Butcher Block restaurant in Minneapolis, Chef Fillipo Caffari gave us a tour of the kitchen. Fillipo moved here from Rome, where he used to be a butcher. I haven’t worked directly under him except for one or two special dinners, but I always admired the magic he works with… 

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lobster mushroom crusted walleye

Lobster Mushroom Crusted Walleye, Winter Wild Rice

Wondering what to do with all those dried lobster mushrooms? Here’s a great technique. At a restaurant I used to work at, the signature dish was veal tenderloin crusted with ground porcini and espresso. The first night I did a stage trying to get a job, they offered me some chow, whatever I wanted off… 

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jean louis palladin's black truffle ice cream

Jean Louis Palladin’s Black Truffle Ice Cream

Of all the chef’s I look up to, Jean Louis Palladin takes the cake. I only learned about his work after he died, hearing Anthony Bourdain talk about him on one of his tv shows. What Bourdain said was: “You and I will never cook like Jean Louis, no one will” I became a bit… 

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boar roast

Boar Roast with Pickled Ramp-Dried Fruit Agrodolce

Some foods really just sell themselves. I know if boar goes on a menu in any form, it’s going to fly like hotcakes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sausage, headcheese, rib, tenderloin, whatever, diners want it. The flavor of boar is great, kinda like if venison and pork had a baby. It’s porky tasting,… 

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burdock salsify relish

Burdock Relish

The first time I saw burdock I was amazed. The entire roots were intact, most of them at least four feet long. I didn’t really develop an appreciation for them until I dug one myself though. Not only is the taproot difficult to unearth,  it’s also supported by little ancillary roots that come off of… 

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steak and morel sauce-7

Basic Steak and Morel Sauce

Out of all the things that can be made with dried morels, this is one of my favorites. Everybody loves a good steak, and the addition of mushrooms is classic. Using morels instead of cultivated mushrooms brings this basic combination to new heights. I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine too: when… 

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dan farmer's maitake swiss burger

Dan Farmer’s Maitake-Swiss Burger

Making friends with other mushroom hunters can be a bit awkward from my experience, you want to share, but you don’t. If you meet another hunter out in the field, you are hunting the same areas, and that means you’re competing. You might give each other a knowing glance or nod, or take out your… 

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lactarius broth with nettle tortelli (16)

Stinging Nettle Tortelli In Lactarius Broth

Winter is the time to use up dried goods and preserves. In my pantry, one of the things I had been waiting to experiment with was dried lactarius salmoneus mushrooms, which I discovered a nice little flush of last year. Most of these particular milkcaps I found had a little too much damage to eat… 

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