Roast Chicken “Demi-Deuil”, With Black Truffles

Chicken Demi-Deuil, With Black Truffles_-7

A couple days ago someone who received a batch of Italian truffles in Minnesota was referred to me for some advice on how to use and preserve them.  It gave me the chance to write up a recipe I made a while back, and it’s a great one: Chicken Demi-Deuil. The first time I read… 

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catfish, bergamot recipe, heirloom tomato corn salad recipe,

Cornmeal Catfish, Bergamot Salmoriglio Sauce, Tomato-Corn Salad

Here’s a great way to use that bergamot salmoriglio sauce: as a summery garnish to a piece of fish. Catfish is a great, often overlooked fish in restaurants, it’s meaty, and juicy, not to mention cheap. Fried in a crispy dredge of some seasoned cornmeal, it’s the beginning of a great meal. Summer time means… 

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Bergamot salmoriglio sauce_-3

Bergamot Salmoriglio Sauce

Ever since I discovered that bergamot tastes strongly like oregano, I knew I had to make this. I first heard about salmoriglio sauce (sal-mo-realey-oh) working under one of the Italians I know back at a restaurant in South St. Paul, we used it as a garnish for a fish entree. The fish we used changed… 

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bicolor boletes

Mushroom Hunt ‘N’ Munch 2014

A while back, my friend, local mushroom hunter Mike Kempenich threw an idea by me: He leads a foray in the morning, then we use his connections at a local bar in Minneapolis to set up a little cookout to whip up some of the things that people find on their hunt. We planned to… 

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black trumpet mushroom polenta recipe

Triple Black Trumpet Polenta

  After the recent “Hunt ‘N’ Munch” event in Minneapolis I cooked there were a lot of requests for this recipe, so here you go. Originally the “Hunt ‘N’ Munch” was supposed to be a mushroom centric, low key appetizer cookout in a parking lot.  Sometimes the woods doesn’t give you exactly what you are… 

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black trumpet chanterelle mousse bouchees

Black Trumpet Bouchées With Chanterelle Mousse

  Here’s the appetizer I started out with at the Hunt ‘N’ Munch: little savory eclairs flecked with black trumpets, filled with a chanterelle cheese mousse, and topped with a pickled chanterelle. The “bouchée” description is just the pretty name given to savory, filled bites of pate a choux like this. If pate choux isn’t… 

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chanterelles cooking on a campfire

Magic In The Woods

When my friend and photography mentor Chris Bohnhoff asked me if I’d like to do a little mushroom hunting and cooking project with him a couple months ago I was thrilled. He has a sort of series he does involving chef’s and some of their varied talents. Check out some of his other great work… 

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duck breast with wild juniper, black cap berry sauce, duck fat potatoes and wild spinach

Wild Juniper Duck Breast With Blackcap Berry Sauce

This is the second dish that I made on my trip with photographer Chris Bohnhoff. In a nutshell, I seasoned the duck breast with some wild juniper/cedar berries, and cooked it slowly in a cast iron skillet to crisp the skin. After the duck was half cooked, I removed the fat to another pan to… 

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pork tenderloin with pickled young crab apple sauce (1)

Pickled Young Crabapples

I had a nice hike the other day casually looking for chanterelles and boletes. It was a little windy, which is great since it’ll keep the bugs at bay. I went over to one of my  patches, picked what I could, and headed back to the car-chanterelles haven’t seemed to explode like I’d hoped this… 

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