Rainbow Trout With Pickled Chicken Of The Woods

rainbow trout with pickled chicken mushrooms

I came up with the recipe one day when I had a nice rainbow trout on hand. I wanted to start burning through my mushroom pickles too, since I tend to hoard them until the next season and wind up having too much, every year. It’s an easy preparation, and one that I would make… 

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burdock root mashed potaotes

Burdock Mashed Potatoes

When I tell people I like to use burdock root, the first response I usually get is: “Oh yeah, that stuff that’s in sushi, right?” Yes, and no. When I dug my first burdock and cooked it (I source them for the Salt Cellar since I don’t have an army of foragers at my disposal,… 

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Bison-Black Barley Stew, With Fried Chicken Mushrooms-5

Bison-Black Barley Stew, With Fried Chicken Mushrooms

When I brought my first fried chicken mushrooms home from the coop, after the basic “fry in pan with butter until brown and add salt” method, this is what I made, It’s simple, and a good example of my style of cooking: interesting, high quality ingredients, cooked with classical technique. I remembered my foraging buddy… 

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Fried chicken mushrooms lyophyllum decastes

Fried Chicken Mushrooms

Fried chicken mushrooms, or Lyophyllum decastes have eluded me for a number of years. I read about them first in David Arora’s Mushrooms Demystified, but hadn’t ever seen them hunting in Minnesota. As far as mushrooms go, they’re pretty non-descript. They’re small, and typically grow in clusters around disturbed land, which, as most mushroom hunters… 

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spicy rabbit

Rabbit “Wings”

I pride myself on the ways I find to use scrap and trim. These rabbit “wings” are a perfect example of that. Chopping animals into pieces is a bit of a meditative process for me. It might sound macabre, but the repetition can be calming in a way. Just the other day I found myself… 

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salt cellar st paul minnesota picture by alan bergo

The Salt Cellar

Even though it’s only been a few months, it feels like ages since I signed on with a new restaurant. For me it’s hard to believe, since last year at this time I was living in my friends basement, reeling mentally and physically from Lyme disease; feeling a little hopeless. My new adventure started when… 

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partridge with pears and pickled ramps recipe

Partridge with Pears and Pickled Ramp Glace

Here’s something fun I’ve been saving just for the holiday season, and it’s as unusual as they come, not to mention delicious. It also happens to be inspired by the classic Christmas song “Twelve days of Christmas”. If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you’ll know that I occasionally try to poke fun at… 

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Giant stuffed lobster mushrooms_

Stuffed Giant Lobster Mushrooms

After lobster season has been at it for a while, you can find some really large mushrooms. The shape of lobsters can be irregular, but you can always count on a couple here and there that are big and concave-more than once I’ve heard my friends refer to them as giant tacos. If you’re like… 

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slippery jack mushroom gnudi recipe chicken fat bolete mushroom gnudi

Slippery Jack Gnudi, Ramps, Wild Rice, And Nettles

Here’s a great recipe I donated to the non profit cookbook for the Cascade Mycological Society of Oregon. They were looking for recipes featuring slippery jacks, as well as a couple other underused species, like Lactarius. I’ve fought off Eastern European grandmothers a’plenty here in Minnesota for them, so you bet I have plenty of… 

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