Heirloom Tomato Salad with Pickled Chanterelles and Ramp Leaf Oil

Heirloom tomato salad with ramp oil and pickled chanterelles

I never thought something as simple as making a salad could remind me of why I cook in the first place. I cook for a living, but before I made money doing it, I just lived to cook. Making things in the kitchen was my creative outlet, and made people around me happy. Ever since… 

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Chanterelle Mushroom Torte

Chanterelle Torte

Working in the culinary industry will introduce you to plenty of characters. One of my favorites is a chef buddy of mine-a giant of a man who stands about 6′ 5”, with bright red hair and a beard to match-he’s the spitting image of viking stock, passed down through generations. His name is Ross. To… 

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Lobster mushroom hollandaise

Lobster Mushroom Hollandaise

This happened during a night in the kitchen at Heartland. It was one of those days where the other guys on the line and I would shoot ideas back and forth during service, trying to come up with the best things to make with what the season gave us. That night, we were in the… 

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Leccinum-Cheese Fritters

Scaber Stalk-Gruyere Fritters

Crispy on the outside, cheesy, and mushroomy on the inside, these fritters are simple to make, and can be cooked a number of ways besides frying. In a nutshell, they’re just basic pate aux choux dough with a duxelles of scaber stalk mushrooms and some cheese mixed in. Scaber stalks, a.k.a Leccinum mushrooms have a… 

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Knotweed-custard tart

Knotweed Custard Tart, With Goat Cheese Mousse

Knotweed season has passed, but here’s a great way to use the sweetened puree of the shoots I mentioned a while ago. The puree is just a blank slate for whatever you want, eggs can be added like in the recipe here, but there’s really infinite possibilities, for example the knotweed leather (recipe here) as… 

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oyster mushroom croutons

Wild Mushroom Croutons

If the restaurant were to fail, finding a way to mass produce these would make me rich I tell you. They’re not so much a crouton as they are crispy, deep fried mushrooms, but calling them deep fried mushrooms would insinuate that they’re served hot, which they aren’t. Personally, the word “deep fried mushroom” conjures… 

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Rowan Berry-Apple Jam

Rowan Berry-Apple Jam

The rowan berries will be ready soon. Last year I shared my favorite method for preserving them in syrup, which makes them taste a bit like cranberries, and curbs their bitterness so much you can eat them right from the jar. The only catch is that it takes a while for the berries to cure… 

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