Lobster Mushroom Terrine

lobster mushroom terrine

After our last hunt for lobster mushrooms I started getting to work on some recipes, the first one being this fun terrine. If you’re a mushroom hunter yourself, you know that your fridge can easily get cramped from storing shrooms, so that was a big part of the inspiration for this. The other idea was… 

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It’s misty and quiet at 6 am, and we’re all alone. After a couple hours in the car, we know right where were going when we hit the trail: a patch of land gauged with ravines, and rich with mixed aspen, maple, and white oak, it’s the home of one of our favorite mushrooms-the lobster. After about half a mile on our favorite trail, we keep our eyes peeled for swatches of brilliant red, as deep in color as any crayon you had as a kid. You have to look close though, they like to hide beneath the leaves, creeping up through the duff on the forest floor. We make our way over the hills and up and down the ravines, picking as we go, and reveling in the excitement of pulling treasures from ground. It’s quiet, but the air is punctuated here and there by our yells to each other across the ravines. “This one’s a monster!!!” “Get over here quick and take a picture of this crazy one!”. Most of the time we know another person has run across a nice patch just from hearing squeals of excitement though, if you yell your favorite cuss word at the top of your lungs, you’ll get the picture of what that sounds like  For me, besides the prospect of a tasty dinner, I get excited by shapes. Each lobster is unique, and surprising-the Hypomyces fungus making each one twist and contort into abortive forms, looking like something from an evil fairy tale, or a mushroom from outer space. Lobsters are one of the more easy mushrooms out there to hunt; compared to morels they’re like shooting fish in a barrel, and the amounts that can be harvested in an hour or two alone are often really impressive. I know a number of hunters around the Twin Cities, and if you ask them their favorite mushroom to hunt, often the lobster will take the cake. They’re a paradigm shifting example of how I see hunting mushrooms not as a silent, solitary activity, but something more adventurous, and exciting. You never know exactly what’s waiting for you, or the crazy formations you might see. Happy hunting.

The Hills Have Lobster Mushrooms

It’s misty and quiet at 6 am, and we’re all alone. After a couple hours in the car, we know right where were going when we hit the trail: a patch of land gauged with ravines, and rich with mixed aspen, maple, and white oak. We’ve arrived at the home of one of our favorite… 

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catalan saffron milkcap recipe

Catalan Saffron Milkcaps

I got wind of a cookbook project and began talking with the Cascade Mycological Society behind it last week. They were looking for dishes featuring lactarius and slippery jack species, and just so happens I had a few recipes laying around I hadn’t shared. I agreed to donate 6 dishes or so for their book,… 

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Chicken Demi-Deuil, With Black Truffles_-7

Roast Chicken “Demi-Deuil”, With Black Truffles

A couple days ago someone who received a batch of Italian truffles in Minnesota was referred to me for some advice on how to use and preserve them.  It gave me the chance to write up a recipe I made a while back, and it’s a great one: Chicken Demi-Deuil. The first time I read… 

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catfish, bergamot recipe, heirloom tomato corn salad recipe,

Cornmeal Catfish, Bergamot Salmoriglio Sauce, Tomato-Corn Salad

Here’s a great way to use that bergamot salmoriglio sauce: as a summery garnish to a piece of fish. Catfish is a great, often overlooked fish in restaurants, it’s meaty, and juicy, not to mention cheap. Fried in a crispy dredge of some seasoned cornmeal, it’s the beginning of a great meal. Summer time means… 

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Bergamot salmoriglio sauce_-3

Bergamot Salmoriglio Sauce

Ever since I discovered that bergamot tastes strongly like oregano, I knew I had to make this. I first heard about salmoriglio sauce (sal-mo-realey-oh) working under one of the Italians I know back at a restaurant in South St. Paul, we used it as a garnish for a fish entree. The fish we used changed… 

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bicolor boletes

Mushroom Hunt ‘N’ Munch 2014

A while back, my friend, local mushroom hunter Mike Kempenich threw an idea by me: He leads a foray in the morning, then we use his connections at a local bar in Minneapolis to set up a little cookout to whip up some of the things that people find on their hunt. We planned to… 

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black trumpet mushroom polenta recipe

Triple Black Trumpet Polenta

  After the recent “Hunt ‘N’ Munch” event in Minneapolis I cooked there were a lot of requests for this recipe, so here you go. Originally the “Hunt ‘N’ Munch” was supposed to be a mushroom centric, low key appetizer cookout in a parking lot.  Sometimes the woods doesn’t give you exactly what you are… 

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black trumpet chanterelle mousse bouchees

Black Trumpet Bouchées With Chanterelle Mousse

  Here’s the appetizer I started out with at the Hunt ‘N’ Munch: little savory eclairs flecked with black trumpets, filled with a chanterelle cheese mousse, and topped with a pickled chanterelle. The “bouchée” description is just the pretty name given to savory, filled bites of pate a choux like this. If pate choux isn’t… 

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