Suckling Pig Headcheese

suckling pig headcheese

When I heard that suckling pigs were coming into the kitchen at Heartland, I squealed with joy. I knew that the heads would be leftover since they wouldn’t give up the amount of meat a large pig would for our typical headcheese. I begged the butcher to save the heads for me, so I could… 

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ischnoderma resinosum

Resinous Polypore / Ischnoderma resinosum

Behold the resinous polypore, inspiring chefs around the world with it’s seductive, appealing name?! Probably not. Either way, this is an interesting mushroom you’ve probably seen but never thought about eating. Ischnoderma resinosum a.k.a. the resinous polypore, grows on hardwoods and conifers (I have only seen it on hardwoods in Minnesota). If you’ve seen it,… 

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Roasted Hen of the woods steaks with anchovy sauce_-6

Roasted Maitake Steaks With Anchovy Sauce

The day before I went on FOX 9 to demo a couple mushroom dishes last week, I was feeling pretty defeated about having no fresh props to bring into the show. I mean, what’s a good mushroom hunter without any fresh specimens? The woods don’t obey commands though; all you have are educated guesses. I… 

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heartland restuarant logo

A Long Midwest Goodbye

For the past four and a half years, I’ve been working at an amazing restaurant, under the most respected chef I’ve ever known; a man who changed not only how I think about food, but my life: Lenny Russo. His restaurant, Heartland, is a place that transcends what normal restaurants aspire to be. I first… 

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lobster mushroom infused butter

Lobster Mushroom Infused Butter

This is hands down one of the coolest things I discovered cooking with lobster mushrooms. Here’s the story. I was on the line at Heartland one evening. It wasn’t so busy that I couldn’t work on some projects in my spare time, so I set about trying to preserve some of the haul of lobster… 

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puffball mushroom ravioli with maitake, hygrophorus russula, and hedgehog mushrooms

Puffball Ravioli, Mushrooms, Kale, And Sage Butter

After an unsuccessful search for a big hen of the woods in my best patch, I was bent on coming back with something, any old thing, since no hunter likes to go home empty handed, and my free time to hunt is pretty limited these days. That something ended up being a little handful of… 

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goat milk sorbet with red currant syrup black walnuts and yarrow

Goat Milk Sorbet With Currants, Yarrow And Black Walnuts

I know a special woman that has trouble digesting cow dairy and gluten. I have a couple sweet tricks up my sleeve, but tossing out two of my favorite standby’s has made things a bit tricky-a good creative exercise. With the increasing skepticism of bovine dairy and gluten, you probably know someone with a dairy… 

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indigo milkcap recipe lactarius indigo recipe

Indigo Milkcaps Preserved In Olio Santo

Delicious blue mushrooms! Sounds like a joke or a drug, right? Indigo milkcaps a.k.a lactarius indigo are pretty cool. They’re one of the only blue foods that you can eat that I know of, with the exception of a couple berries and potatoes. I can still remember the first time I found one, baffled by… 

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parmesean crusted shaggy manes_-2

Parmesan Crusted Shaggy Manes

Imagine the salty, cheesy crust on a grilled cheese sandwich, but wrapped around a shaggy mane mushroom-that’s exactly what this recipe is. The inspiration for it came from two different places. The first part came to me while reading one of David Arora’s books-when he mentions shaggy manes there is a picture of his friend… 

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