Swordfish With Lobster Mushroom Stuffing

swordfish with lobster mushroom pine nut stuffing and milkweed caper sauce_-2

This is what happens when you have extra swordfish samples laying around, and need to start using up duxelles from a great lobster mushroom season. I can’t remember where I got the idea, but I’ve been making this for years. Here’s the jist: you take a thin piece of swordfish  in the middle of each… 

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milkweed caper recipe

Milkweed Capers

Milkweed capers are a fun project I’ve been playing with for a few months. I’ve preserved plenty of unopened flower buds: nasturtiums, dandelions (personal favorite) chives, and day lilies to name a few. All of those make fun capers, but milkweed buds are fun since they can be harvested quickly, and in bulk. In the… 

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celtuce recipe, stem lettuce recipe, celtuce


Celtuce. Kind of like if lettuce and a long root vegetable had a baby. I heard about it from a friend of mine one day when we had a snowfall heavy enough to close the restaurant. He and I decided to meet up at his place, geek out over some cook books, drink a couple… 

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hot beef commercial with leccinum gravy_-8

Hot Beef Commercial, With Boletes

  Childhood food memories, everyone has some, those dishes that take you back in time. A hot beef commercial is one of mine. It reminds me of being a kid, about waist high on my Father. My dad and I would make trips back and forth to Willmar Minnesota from Grove City where the family… 

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Herb gnocchi with red chanterelles and cockscombs-4

Herb Gnocchi with Cockscombs and Red Chanterelles

So far, my favorite way to enjoy cockscombs has been with pasta. There’s just something about the soft texture of cockscombs that begs to be in a juicy ragu. When you throw a couple tasty mushrooms and some cured pork in the mix, it’s an excellent dish. I made some gnocchi here that are great,… 

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Chicken is so much more than white, skinless meat. After a few years in kitchens, I had cooked my share of frozen I.Q.F. breasts that lose half their volume after cooking from the solution they’re injected with. I knew chicken as a dry, powdery meat usually roached on a grilled and chopped to bits before… 

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red chanterelles from wisconsin

Red Chanterelles

One of the most exciting things that happens for me is discovering something that I haven’t found before. This year, one of those things was red chanterelles. One day I got a picture message from an old coworker, and I was shocked to see a big basket of what looked like red chanterelles. I didn’t… 

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quark mousse, quark mousse, black walnuts, black currant coulis,

Quark-Lime Mousse, Black Walnut Praline, Currant Coulis

Out of the blue a few months ago, an old Italian chef I used to work for gave me a ring (I’ll call him Lorenzo). It had been years since we’d talked, and the last thing I remember was missing my last day of work locked up in a jail cell, which in hindsight, is… 

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aborted entoloma mushroom pasta recipe

Aborted Entolomas Fra Diavolo

Here’s a great way to use up those aborted entolomas. Fra-diavolo is a classic Italian preparation, it means “devil style”, and I definitely like it spicy. You could really make anything you want, add some chili and tomato, and call it fra-diavolo. There is something special about pasta though. I’d made plenty of spicy pastas… 

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